World NPC Population Update May 23, 2018

by | Wednesday, May 23, 2018 |

The Hagley test server continues to grow! The NPC/MOB population is now well over 2000 and we expect it to grow significantly in the next year. We are still a long way from playing together but the test server can help fill that void.

You can help! Regardless of your motives we encourage everyone to experience the test states are a thing of the past this is and will continue to be for some time the best EQOA experience available to our community. We thank all of you who are optimistic and supportive.

Update Notes:

*Coaching Has returned to Norrath and is fully functional.

*Kick and Critical Barrage can now be casted for the first time since March 2012.

*The New spawn code has allowed us to properly populate areas of the world with dense populations. Citizens are now returning to all cities and outpost.

*Con Color and Aggro have been refined

*The NPC Editor Interface continues to become more user friendly and now includes easy to use menus for all models.

*Click here to check out the update video*

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