Welcome to Project: Return Home. This project is dedicated to porting the now discontinued PlayStation 2 MMORPG game EverQuest Online Adventures: Frontiers (EQOA) to P.C. format and make it playable to all of the fans.

EQOA was shut down as of March 29, 2012 to the dismay of many players and fans. The game was much more than just a game to many people, its where lifetime friendships were developed, hours of time invested in character development and exploring the vast world of Norrath, and where many people got their first introduction to the MMORPG genre.

A short time later a dedicated group of talented fans decided that they wanted to keep playing EQOA and created Project: Revival. Efforts were made to reverse engineer the game and transport it over to P.C. to give everyone a chance to re-live the glory days of EQOA. Once the project got the point where players could free-roam the environment solo and the community grew it was decided to give it a more official title. The project was re-named Project: Return Home in honor of one of the most famous EQOA spells Return Home which would teleport you to a safe location and the name also has a duel meaning of Returning Home to the game world of Norrath.

The current status of the project is in Pre-Alpha status. This means that the focus is on building game back to a playable state. There are resources for players to get engaged such as community slack, forums, facebook groups, project development and community leadership as well as the Free-Roam SaveStates that are available to explore the world without NPC's, PC's or Combat.

Thank you so much for visiting our site and we hope that you join the community to support this project!