Mobs of Tunaria: Hexbones

by | Thursday, February 8, 2018 |

Mobs Return! Thanks to the hard work of Dustin Faxon and Devin Kathman, A test server has been built that among many other functions, can place models of Mobs back into the world of Tunaria. The data created this way can be transferred to a final server. While these Mobs don’t yet have the full functionality of a Mob as you know it, this is still a critical stage of putting the world back together.

The first in a long series of many, we present Hexbones. Populated by Cilants- aka Cody Hamby, Hexbones are just 5 or 6 huts around Zentar Keep's frozen lake.

Cody Hamby and his team have placed many more camps/locations, which we will present to you in future posts. Stay Tuned!

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