Logo Contest for Return Home

by | Wednesday, February 7, 2018 |

Greetings Return Home/EQOA Community!

Last year our community discussed, contributed, and ultimately voted on the name “Return Home” for this projects title. Now, it is time for us to seek out all potential logo artists in the community to create a new official logo for "Return Home".

The “Winner” of this contest will not be compensated in any way, other than the pure glory of seeing their work in many project related locations.

There will be multiple stages to this process.

This first stage is simply, make a logo, and attach it in a comment in this thread.

***Any Logo that contains potentially copywritten/trademarked images may be subject to disqualification (but not necessarily)

***The more unique, the better. If you are going to do a logo, please Google “Return Home” and look at other logos. It is a commonly used name, so make a logo that stands out from everything else on the internet with the same name and make it really represent this project.

Maximum 3 contributions/ Ideas per contributor please.

Please visit this Facebook thread to add your logo Ideas:

Everyone is asked to “Like” any logos that they like in this thread. You are encouraged to like as many as you want. You may also end up turning off some Likes on logos you liked at first, because new ones were added that you liked better.

There won’t be an exact number disclosed yet, but let’s say roughly the top half/most liked logos will move on to official voting stages.

All Logo ideas must be attached to this thread no later than April 30th, 2018, to qualify.. An additional time period for “Likes” may be allowed for the community to adjust their Likes after this date, depending on the number of entries. The “Likes” will then also have a deadline. Loves, Wows or any other emoticon will be counted the same as a Like.

Time to get creative!

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