DMCA exemption to MMOs has been requested!

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As we know DMCA protects many creators from having their hard work stolen, but it also makes MMO’s that have long been forgotten and cast to the side by their creators, untouchable by the fans. Never to be looked at again. But what happens to those communities, the bonds created through long hours spent with guild-mates and others across the country? They don’t just cease to care about the video game(s) they loved, instead they long passionately to immerse themselves into that world that now is out of reach.

DMCA Exemption has been brought up by The Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment (The MADE), a nonprofit video game museum which is based in Oakland, CA. They have asked the U.S.A Copyright Office to make an exception to MMO’s when it comes to DMCA, as it makes preserving the game impossible.

This exemption would assist in Project: Return Home’s goal to give old and new players alike access to the wondrous experience that was EverQuest Online Adventures. Without worry of DMCA, the project’s creators would be able to access much-needed information and data, such as quests, locations, and anything that wasn’t apparent on the surface of the game; whereas currently many aspects must be built from scratch with only memory or shards of information to rely on.

DMCA exemption for MMORPG’s would take the experience from what -was- once a fantastic game, to what -is- once again.

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- Macey D.

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