2000 NPC's of Tunaria

by | Saturday, February 10, 2018 |

In late 2016 Randall Adams released a version of his program “Kairen”. Kairen continues to be developed, but one of its functions allow the user to view over 2000 named NPC’s in the savestate. The models for these NPC’s are placeholders (They are all human models from the Corsten Savestate), however when you have all of the programs set up, you can roam the vanilla world of Tunaria and seamlessly view these NPC’s. They are placed in over 30 Vanilla locations, including starting cities.

Check out this 17 minute video showcasing the populated Tunaria.


You can experience this for yourself, in game with the emulator. Go join the Facebook group:

EQOA Kairen: Return from the Abyss


Follow the directions in the pinned post for complete setup instructions.


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