Epic-sode Two

Returning from a scavenger hunt for information, our reporters have brought more news of the ongoing Epic-sodes. Adventurers of the 60th season that have completed their journey through Epic-sode 1 can now move forward on their epic path through Epic-sode 2.

The struggle between good and evil continues across Norrath as both sides increase their defenses and strengthen their followers.

Good aligned adventurers are urged to continue their same path by meeting up with their designated contacts. Magi`Kot requires the services of good casters again in his quest for the ultimate summoning. Ruddish the Devout shows good priests how to obtain the second blessing, this time from Tunare. Sensei Melinus tells the good melee of balance, and will help a frantic man in the bard guild recover his lost troupe. Paladin Talimus finishes lesson of honor with good tanks, and they will begin to learn the value of justice.

Anyone turning toward the evil side of the struggle should meet back up with their previous contact as well. Animator Jen`Tylis gives evil casters plenty of examples of why blind trust is not wise. The wacky Seer Yalgima directs evil healers in a search for some powerful undead. Rashiroz continues to unravel the mysterious prophecy, sending the evil melee on many adventures. Ozmo continues to treat evil tanks badly, and they'll meet a new friend who is just as kind.

We will bring you more news when we unravel more of this continuing saga.

-The Norrathian Times News Team