Epic-sode One

Our reporters have uncovered the mystery that has been taunting us all for several months now. The first of the Epic-sodes has finally arrived. Those who have completed the previous epics, and have reached their 60th season, are eligible to begin their next epic journey.

Anyone who aligned themselves with the side of good should seek out the recruiter in Klik`Anon for more information. The very short and very stubborn gnome would only tell us this when asked for more information:

"Those who can be called "finger wigglers" will seek out and assist a very powerful magician in using the gnomish researcher's findings to finally complete the summoning they've been working on for a while now. Priests will need to prove themselves worthy of possessing the new powers by receiving the approval of the gods. The first approval they will seek is from Brell. Fighters are working to set things right in the world and restore the balance. They will be sent to right some injustices to prove their dedication to using the powers with a fair and just hand. The tough and strong tank-types are to be tested by learning about and showing their honor. They will learn that honor is sometimes subjective."

If evil is more your style, head to Freeport and speak with the evil recruiter. When asked for a sneak preview of what tasks he would be sending adventurers on, he babbled on for an eternity about "exciting adventure" in "remote locations" and "ultimate power to come". We did get these details:

"Those with the affinity for the arcane have been asked to help an animator with a complete lack of trust in anyone. Oddly, he gives us funny looks when we talk about how great the future will be. Healers will be assisting a troll shaman, who has a marked dislike for frogloks. Roguish and scout types will be working with a self-exiled rogue that has a penchant for pick pocketing who keeps babbling on about some silly prophecy, but has made large donations to Freeport and has requested an apprentice that doesn't mind travel and danger. Warriors and Shadowknights will be subjected to the ridicule of a very rude Ogre and sent on tasks that may teach them humility and scorn."

All that is certain in these ever-changing times on Norrath is that there is much more to come. It should prove to be an interesting ride!

-The Norrathian Times News Team