An Awakening! I will not succumb to the grey! I must keep my thoughts on red...not the red of the sky but the red of my enemy's blood. Anything but this place. This cage cannot hold me forever. I WILL NOT BE DENIED!

Dynmath gained awareness again. It may have been minutes, it may have been days, the measure of time was impossible when nothing ever changed. When there is nothing left to contrast the before with the after, we cease to progress. This stagnation infuriated him, made him see the

He reached out into the void, with his fingertips, with every fiber of his being, with the full capacity of his mind and made all the floating souls cry out, and heard the echo of a thousand sobbing entities. He was aware again; he could conquer the ashen walls that were his prison. Such power, all of a sudden. Such power has not existed since....if only it had been realized...before. What is "before" but the worthless past...but if there is nothing to contrast the past against the future, what is stopping the past from coming to fruition now...

Dynmath grew weary again. I have just awakened, he thought, but I must conserve my strength until the time has come...the time to escape the grey.... And with those thoughts, he fell to a state of sleep and not drifting for the first time in hundreds of years.