Vision of Nalga

The day was just like any other in Halas, it was cold, blustery, and just the way the barbarians liked it. Whiskey and beer was a-brewin', tales of battle and drunken songs of victory resonated in the tavern, the guard watched over the town, and the citizens and merchants went about their business as usual. Nalga was sitting in meditation as usual, when a strange and foul being entered her mind. It was as if something from another plane was reaching out to her, through her subconscious, invading every crevice of her mind ... red ... red ... black ... blood ... pain ... hatred ... pain ... "VENGEANCE!!! I WILL KILL EVERYONE TO MAKE THEM PAY!"

The shout and subsequent screams echoed throughout the town, and the guards ran to the mystic's guild to find Nalga still screeching and sobbing loudly. After a moment, the barbarian woman pulled herself together after she snapped out of the trance she was in.

Captain McPherson waited for her breathing to slow and then questioned, "What happened here? You nearly made half the town deaf! Explain yourself, shaman."

Nalga looked around, took a deep breath, and then spoke. "The crimson skies swirl as a bell rings, an ominous sound that signals another soul has been trapped here, in limbo, awaiting what comes next. From there, a soul will either pass on, be returned to their former existence, or remain there in timeless apathy. This is the plane in which we draw upon to use our magics..."

"I have heard this tale before, woman, but what does it have to do with disturbing the guard?"

"Recently, my fellow mystics and I have felt a disturbance there. It is not as if it's weakening, but as there is something attempting to upset the balance. When I contemplate this, I feel nothing but uneasiness and a faint feeling of vengeance and pain. Someone, or something there has not accepted their fate, and it may have the power to escape...I hope that it is a false premonition, but I fear that trouble is brewing. We must all be ready to face whatever is coming."

"Nalga, we cannot simply act on a hunch..."

"Commander, I have never had a vision this strong. I think that extra precautions should be evacuation, or at the very least an investigation-"

"The Coldwind Hall Guard is ever vigilant and I'm certain that if something unsavory comes our way we will be able to defeat it. I will not run away, and neither will the proud citizens of this town, but our place is here to defend our homes if the time comes that your words are true. Now if you'll excuse us, we've got to make the rounds." The guard continued to make their way around the city, making sure everything was secure. Nalga swiftly returned to her home, grabbed her various potions and her traveling cape and staff. "Commander Marik may have confidence in their abilities, but should this come to fruition, their muscles may not be enough," she muttered. "I'll have to make the trek south to speak with other shamans to see if they've been feeling the same thing. They may not welcome me, but I have to try." Nalga looked upon the icy tunnel that separated her hometown from the rest of the world as the icy wind whipped against her face. She hoped it was not going to be the last time she laid eyes upon it.