The Alchemy Accident

"It's almost done! Oh, the implications of my success!" Hizziwoggle cried. After years of work, his gnomish weather controlling device had finally been built and was ready to be turned on for the first time. "We shall never have to endure ill weather in Norrath again, this is a fantastic day, isn't it Fruznuzzil?"

Fruznuzzil looked at him. "Yeb, Hiddiboggle, id is quite sbectacudar."

"Fruz, why do you look so unhappy? This is a great day for all gnomishkind! And...why are you talking funny?" he inquired.

Fruz sneezed and coughed. "Dis cowd is howibble, by dose is all sduffed up. I guess you couwd say I'b ubder da weadder." She giggled in spite of how horrible she was feeling.

"Well, after we test this I shall get my soup making clockwork to make you a hot bowl to make you feel better. Are you ready?"

"Yed, Hiddi, leds see your idvedtion."

Hizziwoggle grabbed some snow he had carefully preserved from his trip to Halas. "Alright. Lets see some snow here in Kara Village." He placed the snow into the machine and watched as the lights blinked and cogs whirred and it began to snow. Hizzi was so happy he began to dance around with Fruz, spinning in circles.

"A..a...a...CHOOOO!" Fruz sneezed so hard it knocked Hizzi back into the wall, knocking a vial of gnomish animating powder from the shelf and into the machine.

The two ran over to the machine and looked in horror as the snow began to clump together and take the shape of tiny snowmen. Dozens upon dozens of these tiny snow creatures appeared and ran wildly through the village. Some began to flee the town in any direction and disappeared from sight.

"Oh do! Whad a disasder!" Fruz said and sneezed again.

Hizzi looked around. "Well...its not so bad, right? They'll thaw out eventually...lets get you inside and get that soup started. Quickly, before anyone sees us."

The two gnomes rushed inside out of the weather quickly.