When Josephine Huely ran through the gates of Qeynos, she looked as if she had seen a ghost. Later, when questioned by Guards Fellwood and Horley, they found out what she had actually seen.

"It was as if, for a sudden moment, there was a solar eclipse," she said. "And the sky became dark, and the air filled with the shrill noise of thousands of insect wings flapping. I hurried from the Crethly Manor area back to my home in Qeynos to warn everyone, but the bugs never came. While I'm very relieved, I just wonder what those horrible things were..."

For a while, no one believed her because she had a reputation around town for being a bit of a drama queen.

Brutus Kaliathon is one Qeynosian that didn't believe her at first. "Well, you have to take what Josephine says with a grain of salt, sometimes a whole LOT of salt. Me and the others just figured she wanted some attention like usual. I mean, she spends all day parading around the city with that blasted pet in tow, always stepping on the grass. It's such nice grass, you know, it doesn't deserve to be stepped on all the time."

Further comments and pleas to save the Qeynosian grass were uttered as the guards walked away slowly, making sure to NOT step on the grassy areas.

After further investigation, an infestation of these strange insects (that Josephine had described) was found around the farming areas in the western and southwestern regions of Tunaria.

Farmer Alysha in the Crethley Manor area was found chasing some of the offending bugs away from her field. "This simply would not do to have an infestation so near to harvest time. I keep shooing them away from my crops and they keep coming back. The other farmers and I had to band together to stop this, but I didn't think we could do it on our own. We're asking everyone to please put the word out to the brave heros in other towns that we may need their help in the near future."

When the farmers of Tunaria ask for your aid, will you heed their call? It may be up to you, the brave adventurers of Tunaria, to prevent a horrible famine from plaguing the lands.