Mhuzruk’s Special Report

Mez never liked gnomes and now mez knows why. They always causin' trouble and now they causin' trouble again, this time the trouble is in their own town. Mez gets reports from people that seen it…

Submitted by Chimjuk, the elusive troll (Community Member EQdiren)

To be read and prepared by ONLY Mhuzruk the Atrocious:


Reporting on war and large-scale conflict is among the most challenging assignments reporters can face. Such experiences can have profound and lasting effects on a journalist, no matter what side we hail from, whether it be good or evil.

Grimbla, a ex-reporter for the Norrathian Times, who covered the "Zombie Invasion", said: "Your war experience will just sort of live on in you, but no matter what, be objective, no matter what god or beast you pray to, and only seek to give out the truth as that is the reason for the Norrathian Times." She added, "We risked our lives to report to the masses about the zombies, and most listened but some didn't, and fell to their fate."

Reflecting on my time in Klick'Anon during the past few weeks to cover this "invasion", I want to express that these are life-defining experiences. You know, I see much of my life through the prism of that experience and that will never go away, and I don't want it to go away. I may be scared, but im up for this challenge. Fear is what feeds people like me, no matter what task is at hand

The importance of community:

Most of the participants identified being part of a network or community as an important factor in maintaining emotional health, and discovery of what TRULY is going on here in Klick'Anon. But since journalists often do their work in isolation, we may not be aware of the communities to which they are attached. It truly seems Klick'Anon is under a massive invasion via portals, but the beings that come out of these portals, seem to represent everything about Klick'Anon and the little tasty gnomes themselves. I must remain in the shadows to not fall to these blobs and clockworks.

"You are a part of a group," An elder from an elite guild told his groupmates while searching for all the Recons. "While you may look to be as independent as possible, it's still necessary to ban together to take down these HUGE clockworks and extremely dangerous green blobs that ooze through-out this god-less area" All seasons of adventurers are helping with this invasion. Some deal with the smaller less dangerous blobs and clockworks, and some....well not even I am sure what more is to come.

There's a wider community that spans beyond those particular incidents or events which shaped us individually. I know from being up here, I have learned I truly am mortal, and I am not sure I will make it out of Klick'Anon alive. The community MUST gather all they can, good and evil, and not only try to figure out what exactly is happening here in Klick'Anon, but is there even a way to stop it and save us all. I truly fear what these yummy gnomes have unleashed upon the land.

Submitted by Fatana da Ogress (Community Member KumuP)

Dis iz fer Mhuzruk. if Dreedoo read... me eat. (Uh, me eat dreedo, not scribblies on payper) Anywayz.. Stoopid gnomes be too smarty fer der own good HAR HAR! Day be makin Clockwerks but dose tings be startin to be smarter den silly Gnomes! Clock-thingys not like gnomes tell dem what to do! Day make big trouble fer da Gnomes. But Gnomes gotz lotza friends so dey help gnomes me guess. Sometimes me hear da tougher fighters and spell makers talk about fightin da real big clockwerk thingy. And me sees weaker fighterz fightin blobs and ratz near klik.

Everybody fightin to help gnomes. Me dont know if dey fight to help gnomes or just for da "phat lewt". (me guess it da "lewt" HAR HAR!) Me tinkin der be really big fightin ta come. Maybe gnomes get mooshed.. Maybe fighters and spell makers save gnomes? Me don't know. All me know it fun to see much fightin everywhere!