Norrathian Times Interview with an Agent of Tranquility

Fighting Feeds the Savage Beast, Give Peace a Chance!

Our previous interviews gave insight into all the other factions' views and operations, and how you can help them. Remember, you can help Tunare followers by aiding their portal healing, learn how to better protect your home by submitting yourself to Rallos's training regimen, aid Mithaniel Marr's cause by vanquishing the dishonorable invaders, or aid Innoruuk's followers by empowering others to use their hate as power. Our final interview is with the agent of Tranquility, speaking on behalf of Quellious.

"First you must look within yourself, and rid yourself of all this commotion around us." Sure, it's a novel concept, but is it really a good idea to be so selfish during this time of turmoil? "One cannot bring peace to the lands without first being at peace ourselves. If you extend your hand out to another that is covered with dirt and soot, do you not sully the one you touch? Whether it be in anger or love, you still leave that mark. You must cleanse your intentions as you would cleanse your hands before you extend it out to someone else." Well put. We can't help but see the worth in that.

Once you have achieved this inner peace, what can you do? The agent continues, "If you truly have centered yourself and feel you are ready to extend your aid to others, there is something you can do. While we have yet to be able to transcend the portal to attempt to make peace between those waging war in Zaoran Plateau, we can talk those at war in our own lands into resolving their conflicts instead." When asked to give an example, he cited the Halfling conflict in Bobble-by-Water. "There would be no more than a few words exchanged and a good chuckle later over a slice of pie, if it were not for outside influences. The inhabitants of Norrath are complicated beings looking for the way. Just as they can be shown that peace is the way, they can be shown that war is the way. It is our mandate to help them see that there are better options than fighting."

If you wish to aid these peaceful folk, you can seek out The Agent of Tranquility near the Shon-To Monastery. This concludes our faction by faction breakdown of the major players contributing to the future of Norrath. What do we think about it all? Well, one thing's for certain...there are a lot of thoughts and ideas from all sides that make sense to us, and it's not clear who holds the key to our ultimate survival and triumph over those who seek to destroy us. We urge you to seek out these agents and find out more before deciding what path to follow.

From your friends at the Norrathian Times, we wish you the best in seeking your own truths, and we'll be here with impartial and unbiased information while there are still Norrathians to read this.