Norrathian Times Interview with an Agent of Honor

Without Honor, There is Nothing!

In our continuing attempts to inform and give our loyal readers every side of the story, we bring you our third interview-this time with an agent of Honor. We previously spoke with those representing Tunare and Rallos Zek and found out about the necessity to keep our lands pure and prepare for the fight of our lives, as well as a new threat, the Akessan, that may have been responsible for the situation in the first place. Now, we will talk to Marr's chosen representative, just outside the gates of Halas.

"Invading a land without provocation is extremely high on the list of the most dishonorable things you can do. We see the plague that this monster Rallos Zek has unleashed upon the lands as an affront to everything good and righteous." When we told him about the comments from the last interview (about how bloodlust is not something that can be controlled, and it wasn't their doing to open the portals), he shook his fist at the sky. "You vile beast! Only you could blame others for these circumstances which are most obviously your fault. I will not rest until you are the laughing stock of the lands, and your followers are seen as nothing but blathering idiots."

When asked about the supposed opposition to Rallos Zek, the Akessans, he shrugged. "If we meet and see that we are like-minded, we will work on forging an alliance. However, the enemies of our enemies are not always our friends. If they do not uphold similar values to those chosen by Marr, we may oppose them with the same force as we do Rallos's followers." It will be interesting to see how the chips fall after what seems to be an impending meeting.

"We fully intend to courageously venture to the Zaoran Plateau the minute we are able. While we're doing an important job here, it's not enough. We vanquish the enemy, and they come back again...the only way to really make a difference is to forge our way into the belly of the beast, and defeat those who oppose us on their own lands." When asked what could be done in the meantime, he asked for help. "We will fight the invaders to our land without rest until we can take this battle to the next level. Anyone who believes that our lands should be protected from siege and plunder is welcome to join our ranks."

Before returning to the counter offensive on the giant invasion, he had a few final words. "Without honor and justice, there is nothing. We fight, battle by battle, to drive chaos and lawlessness from these lands, for a life without right and wrong is not life at all. Rallos has ruined his lands, they will not ruin ours on my watch."

Well said. It's becoming apparent that everyone will need to consider the facts and make up their own minds about who's right and wrong. Our next interview will be with an agent of Spite, speaking on behalf of Innoruuk.