Norrathian Times Interview with an Agent of Spite

Hate Empowers! Follow your Passion!

We keep searching for the truth about the portal, and allowing you to make an informed choice. Whether it be siding with the nature loving Tunare followers, the battle borne Rallos Zek followers, or the righteous Mithaniel Marr followers, it our creed to bring you an impartial look into each faction. In this fourth interview, we take some time to talk to someone of the less popular factions, an agent of Spite. He speaks on behalf of Innoruuk.

We stand just out of earshot and harms way as the residents of Merry-by-Water invade Bobble-by-Water. You heard right. Previously, there was nothing but peace between these two towns, and now they are in an all out war. "Does this really surprise you, dear reporter?" asks the agent. It does at first, until the agent provides some insight. "Bobble-by-Water is known for their perfect pies, and Merry-by-Water has always been second best. It's come out that this may have not been due to skill alone...and you don't mess with a halfling and their prized pies

"You may wonder what's changed, why previous allies are now happens all the time. There is a fine line between those two words (allies and enemies) that can change with one little decision. Friendships are forged as convenience, and when they no longer benefit one party, things can change rather quickly." When asked about the other factions, he scoffed. "Hypocrites! All of them! Tunare hates infection, and is dedicated to keeping it out of Norrath. Rallos hates peace and will do anything to keep people from it. Mithaniel Marr...he's the worst of all. He hates everything that doesn't fit within his narrow little window of good and right...anyone that doesn't agree with him 100% is wrong and evil."

He continued on about hate. "You see, hate and spite is not bad or is what fuels us to turn one direction, because we hate, oppose, or scorn the other. These halflings had deep seeded hate for each other, but didn't have the will to release their anger and do something about it instead of keeping it inside." Well, you can't deny that hate definitely creates passion for a cause. "How would it feel to empower people to do what they really want? How would it feel to do what your heart and mind desired most, no matter the consequences." said the agent. "Quite refreshing, don't you think? That's all we seek to to unlock the uninhibited side and bring a lot more truth to these lands."

If you wish to explore empowerment through hate, you can find the agent of Spite in the wilds near Bobble-by-Water. Our final interview will be with an agent of Tranquility, speaking on behalf of one of our most neutral and beloved gods, Quellious herself.