Norrathian Times Interview with an Agent of War

Sharpen your Blades for the Fight of Your Life!

Mez interviewed an agent of War and heard what the followers of Rallos Zek's had to say.

"First of all, let the record state that we had nothing to do with weakening the portal," he panted. Along with most of Norrath, we here at the 'Times had assumed that it was Rallos's doing as well, so this came as a shock to us. "I don't know why everyone is so charged with making Rallos out to be the bad one here. Whatever your opinion of what's happening in the Zaoran Plateau, it was meant to stay there. Bloodlust is not always something that can be controlled, so there will be casualties now that it has spread to these lands. Our cause has nothing to gain with these new circumstances, believe it or not."

It's still not a popular opinion, but does stand to reason. Rallos's forces would be blind to underestimate how smart, courageous, and powerful adventurers of this land have becomeā€¦and though he is the Warmonger, why would he wage a war that would decimate his troops? However, the question remains...who's fault is it? "It's those darn Akessan." When asked for more information, the agent got angry and called for the next contender. After thoroughly beating the poor foe to a pulp he continued. "The Akessan are the thorn in our side. They're the ones we simply can't vanquish. They're the ones that can not only be anywhere, but have the will to win by sacrificing themselves. Their numbers are dwindling and they needed to weaken us, so they weakened the link between these lands and the Plateau."

The agent points out that placing blame is not the important thing now. "The only way to survive this is to be your battles, in your commitment to victory, in your will to fight for your lands at all cost, even by heading into the war-torn lands if needed. If you wish to test your strength, and maybe learn a few tricks or two, we will be providing training and sparring partners to practice. You'll need all the experience you can get as the link between the two realms weakens further." If you wish to find out more, head to Oggok in the Rathe Mountains.

Next, we'll be speaking with an agent of Honor, giving us insight into Mithaniel Marr's faction, and their take on the portal's appearance.