Norrathian Times Interview with an Agent of Growth

Heal the Portal for a Renewed Tomorrow!

The portal that has appeared in Lake Rathe is common knowledge by now, for sure, as well as the other ones in Halas, Forkwatch, and Hazinak spewing forth giants. The question is, what should we do about it? What do those who watch over our lands have in store for us? The answers may never be clear, but we as residents of Norrath have the right and the responsibility to make an informed decision about our futures. To this end, we will be getting all the facts we can about the situation and reporting them to you, our loyal readers. Our first interview was with an agent of Growth, who provides information believed to be from Tunare herself.

"Our biggest responsibility is to our lands," says the agent, "above all else, we must save our lands from this infection. Regardless of our alignment, our petty quarrels with one another, and our point of view, we all return to the lands when we are slain." Many druids and rangers feel the same way, and have protested other courses of action by chaining themselves to trees in their hometowns. The agent asks that those who want to help their cause to refrain from joining them. "We appreciate the support from these activists, but it won't solve the root of the problem."

Tunare's representative instead asks that concerned adventurers head to Surefall Glade for more information. "The only way to keep the corruption from our lands is to make sure the portal stays strong. We've dedicated ourselves to continuously keeping the portal healed, but need your help! Normal healing abilities have no effect, so we have to use new techniques that are very draining on our power and spirit, as well as our resources." The agent adds that in these troubled times they will accept aid from anyone willing to help. "Our ultimate goal is save Norrath. Any adventurer who is concerned about the future of their world is welcome."

We certainly see value in her words. Imagine a Norrath where spiritmasters had no effect, and you could not return from the lands after death! We certainly don't like that idea here at the Norrathian Times, and will be sending a donation to Surefall Glade to help with supplies. Up next, we'll be interviewing an agent of War, to speak on Rallos Zek's behalf.