Rivervale and Highpass Under Attack!

Defending Highpass…

It was a bright, clear night in Highpass.The sun had just set in the horizon, with all the reds and golds and magentas of a typical Norrathian sunset, and Guard Wellis knew this time very well.His guard duty was finally over for the day.While he was always proud to serve his city, it had gotten to be so uneventful lately.He'd counted all the stars in the sky, the cracks in the wall…he was running out of things to count.

"Attention!" said Guard Triv.

Wellis stood up straight and saluted."Sir, its all clear.Has been all day, sir."

"As expected.Carry on Wellis. Your replacement is late.Send him to me when he gets here for a bit of a friendly reminder that punctuality is important."

"Yes sir!" As Triv walked away, he cringed and mumbled, "Friendly reminder my left toe…."

"I remember my first friendly reminder," Guard Smirgo chimed in."I couldn't sleep on my back for days."

Wellis rolled his eyes."Don't remind me.Jolin is in for it.I sure hope he has a good excu-"He was interrupted by Jolin approaching, running up the hill with a horde of goblins in tow.

The three guards made quick work of the weak goblins, subduing their cries of "Yous be poked by da pokey sticks of the Pickclaws!"

Wellis gave Jolin a shove."Hey man, you're late again.Triv wants to see you, and he didn't look happy."

"There's no time for that.Look out there…"A sea of green goblins suddenly amassed on the horizon, and their chatter and battle cries echoed out over the expanse.

The three looked at each other."Looks like it's going to be ugly," said Wellis."I'll go get Triv."

Meanwhile, outside of Rivervale…

Deputy Cardero wiped his brow."Whew, those Pickclaws sure are relentless.Aren't they getting tired yet?I sure am.I miss pie…"

"Aye, Cardero, I miss when the city was quiet and peaceful.But doesn't it feel…good somehow to finally shed some blood?" Deputy Tilook looked at him with a gleam in his eye.

Cardero raised an eyebrow at his friend."Tilook, what do you mean?It's always our last resort to shed blood.What's wrong with you?"

The gleam disappeared."I…I dunno what came over me.I hate fighting.I love our peaceful city.But I have been feeling a little…weird lately.Aggressive; like I want to throw my pie in someone's face instead of eating it."

"Maybe you need a break.That doesn't sound like you at all, Tilook.It looks all clear for now."

He nodded."You're right.The battle is probably getting to me.I'm going to make sure the family is okay and then get some shut eye."

As he walked away, Cardero turned to Biltom."He sure is acting weird.I wonder what's wrong?"

Biltom sighed."What's wrong?It's these darned Pickclaw goblins!I mean, we've dealt with the threat for as long as I remember, but they've never been this…organized; or this driven.I fear we can't keep this up forever."

"Well, my friend, we can only think of defending our home one day at a time.Every day that we're still standing is a good day.I think that-"Cardero was cut short as the yammering of goblins appeared on the path.

"No time for thinking, just time for battle.Ready?" Biltom questioned.

Cardero smoothed his armor."You know it!Let's keep Rivervale safe for one more day!"