Mayor Diggs Implicated in Recent Rumored Pie Shortage

The Pickclaw Invasion continues as allegations against Mayor Diggs of Rivervale as being the one responsible for the recent pie shortage spread like wildfire. Panic blame or pure fact, The Norrathian Times brings you this full report.

We received this report from the desk of ShameFoot, a freelance reporter of Rivervale, written while in exile in Bobble-By-Water.

Recent pie shortages in Rivervale, fact or fiction? While interviewing one of the numerous refugee farmers from the misty thicket, I came upon a startling fact. This farmer stated that ever since he ran from the green menace aka the Pickclaws, he has been unable to get his hands on more than 5 pies a day.

This of course greatly concerned this reporter and in the effort to find the root of the cause, I went to the greatest pie chef in the vale, Grandma Gubbin, for dinner and conversation. Dinner was scrumptious albeit bare. We had a few gallons of the best Jum-Jum Juice and only dare I say it… 3 pies a piece.

After sitting and enjoying a nice evening of star gazing we got down to brass pie tins. Grandma Gubbin was of the firm mind the pie shortage was entirely Mayor Diggs fault. Somehow the upstart from Underhill, had done something to the pie supply. She profusely apologized for only serving me 3 pies.

Mayor Diggs, responsible for the pie shortage??? How could this be? I again visited the displaced farmers to get their opinions. These down to the earth folks were so honest and full of song (and had a generous Jum-Jum supply). As we sat on the empty carts that once were so busy bringing goods from the farms discussing the pie shortage, these Halflings were of the firmest opinion that Mayor Diggs was totally at fault. Some how he was hoarding the pies all to himself.

Now of course once I was sober enough to walk, I went to Diggs Hill to see what was up. I walked right in and there was Diggs himself sitting eating a pie!!! Case closed I thought. To be a fair reporter, I gave him opportunity to defend his conduct. He seemed mystified at this so called pie shortage and denied any part.

Being a hungry Halfling (of course there is no other type), I proceeded to steal Mayor Diggs pie and ran here to Bobble-By-Water to escape the deputies. I will suffer no pie shortage that's for sure!

To follow up on the story, I arranged an interview with Mayor Diggs himself.

When asked about the missing pies, Mayor Diggs simply responded with, "Those allegations are completely preposterous. We have been seriously working on defenses against the Pickclaw Invasion while also engaging in counter attacks. The Pickclaw have been taking citizens and travelers alike as prisoners. Why I wouldn't be surprised if Lord Pickclaw himself is responsible for the alleged missing pies. Who is the source of this story? Where is this refugee?"

Nothing further to report on this incident at this time.

~ The Norrathian Times News Team