Epic-Sode 3

Adventurers of Norrath, the moment you have been waiting for has arrived! The final chapter of the epics are live and ready for the most brave and powerful adventurers to fulfill their destiny. Do you have what it takes to see these trials to the end?

Good casters should return to Magi`Kot to find the last of the powerful souls needed for the ultimate summoning. Ruddish sends priests to get their final approval, this time, from the goddess of Love. Celedonicus sends good melee folks to help a ranger friend in Tethelin. Jakai sends tank types to, of all folks, a shadowknight in Freeport who will really test their determination.

Evil tanks are pleasantly surprised that they are not in search of another set of armor, but unspeakable terrors. Melee folks hunt down the last portion of the prophecy and find that all is not what it seems. Priest of the evil persuasion attempt one more time to communicate with spirits beyond this realm to find out the truth once and for all. Finally, evil casters help their contact to get a bit of revenge on an unlikely suspect that wronged him.

While your previous contacts are ready to give you the final tasks required to obtain your item and ability reward, it is still unsure what the fate of the lands will be. Evil folks, are those Lieutenants really your allies? Good people of Norrath, you may have found the strength to defeat the undead threats, and even made use of their remains, but are you ready for what's next?

Only time will tell, and the best way to prepare yourself is to gain strength by obtaining your new, powerful ability and item!

-The Norrathian Times News Team