In the West, Antonius Bayle II has been crowned King of the city-state of Qeynos. The farming people of Qeynos look forward to greater prosperity and safety under his reign. To the East, the new merchant city of Freeport chimes with the sound of gold changing hands, sometimes by less than honorable means. Corruption and deceit thrives in this new city of opportunity. Farther inland the city of Highpass carves its existence out of the Serpent Spine Mountains. Commanding the only pass through the impossible mountains, the rulers of Highpass have the opportunity to gather immense resources. What those resources will be used for is a worry for all. Humans are the most abundant race in Norrath. Some would say only rats outnumber them, but then again no one has taken a census of either humans or rats. Good, neutral, or evil, humans pursue a gamut of philosophies. With the exception of shamanic studies only, humans may pursue the professions of their choice undeterred by racial shortcomings. From bard to wizard, they can do it all. Humans are an open-minded lot, and they accept almost any other race. They occupy and dominate the two main human cities, Qeynos and Freeport. In these bustling metropolises, that most humans begin their journeys. Rangers and Druids will begin in the quiet haven of Surefall Glade, in the forest to the north of Qeynos. Not everyone in Freeport is evil. There are others who seek to drive out the evil influences found within the city. During EQ1’s timeline, Sir Lucan D`Lere, the commanding officer in charge of the Freeport Militia, has the upper hand in his struggle against the knights and clerics of Mithaniel and Erollisi Marr. But in EQoA’s timeline, the Church of the Marr Twins is just beginning their crusade to remove tyranny from the lives of what few good people can be found in Freeport.