Halflings today exist much as they did hundreds of years ago. Content to live the simple lives of farmers and craftsman, the Halflings care little for the doings of the rest of the world. Their worries continue to consist of nasty goblins, visiting relatives, and ruined pot roasts, oblivious to the colossal struggles that take place outside of the city of Rivervale. Halflings are stocky little people who resemble humans, but are much more light of foot than those clumsy humans. Halflings hail from Rivervale, a quiet little hamlet smack dab in the center of Tunaria. Their mischievous, jovial natures make them fun people to be around. Male halflings take great pride in their foot hair and strive to ensure that each hair is properly groomed. Halflings are viewed as quick little fellows who smile a lot. They have a love of travel, and they enjoy going on many an adventure. All is not fun and games for halflings however; they defend Rivervale and Misty Thicket with all of their might.