Through exploratory mining a colony of Gnomes found a suitable location on the surface of Norrath where they could build their city of Klick`Anon and go about their experiments in peace. Unfortunately they also found themselves in the middle of a titanic Elven war. Now they must work against, and along side, both of the Elven races in a desperate struggle for survival. Gnomes spend most of their lives in their underground burrows and rarely come to the surface. They resemble dwarves to some extent, but have a ruddy brown skin and are more wiry and gnarled. Yet, their appearance is not what gets them noticed. Gnomes believe that building contraptions ranks right up there with saving the world. Renowned for their tinkering abilities, gnomes delight in the fact that they can build the right machine for any occasion. The many catastrophes, explosions, and traumatic amputations of limbs that have resulted from this pursuit of mechanics are not seen as tragedies, but rather as learning experiences. Gnomes are an easy-going race, and most have a pleasant, carefree attitude. They do not believe in failures, only temporary setbacks. Their fascinations with gadgets, sprockets, springs, doodads, and-frighteningly enough--explosives, provide gnomes with an abundance of healthy respect (at a safe distance) from others. Not ones to waste time on such things as revenge, gnomes prefer to experiment. It cannot be helped if an experiment happens to go bad on someone who just offended them in some way.