Takish`Hiz, the ancient home of the Elves, is now a smoking ruin. Most of the Elven refugees have fled north to the new city of Fayspires, leaving their ancestral city to be looted by their conquerors, the Dark Elves. From this new city the remaining elves of Tunaria race to build their fleet and join their brethren across the Ocean of Tears. Elves appear somewhat human at fi rst glance, but their very sharp features and pointed ears set them apart. They will not hesitate to join parties with other races who lean toward good. They understand that some sacrifices must be made in order to do what they believe is the right thing. They are generally liked by most races, but dark elves and trolls would much rather turn them on a spit than speak to them. Some elves make their homes high up in the trees of Tethlin, which provide them with not only safety but also a view of their cherished woodlands. Others elves begin their journey from the town of Fayspire.