Dark Elves

From deep Underfoot the Elves of dark have poured forth in a seething mass upon Tunaria. Through the foul powers of necromancy the Dark Elves have just realized their greatest victory against the Elves of light, the destruction of Takish`Hiz. Once the Elves are finally driven from Tunaria, the Dark Elves will stand on the brink of becoming the most powerful force on all of Tunaria. Dark elves (also known as the Teir’Dal) are the evil brethren of the woodland and high elves. Their skin is bluish-black, their hair white, and they share the pointed ears and sharp features of their elven relatives. Dark elves are a race filled with hate; they hate all other races, and even their fellow Teir`Dal. They will lend aid to one another, but only for their own selfish reasons. “I will help you now to use you later,” is a common sentiment. Being of the elven race, the Teir`Dal have a natural magical ability. This is evident in the professions of enchanter, magician, wizard, necromancer, and cleric. For those Teir`Dal who desire to spread hate and death in other ways, they may choose to become rogues, warriors, or shadowknights.