Innoruuk discovered Norrath shortly after the First Pact of the Gods. He was infuriated when he discovered that his fellow gods had populated a world and formed a pact without his knowledge.

His rage focused on Tunare, The Mother of All, as he sought his revenge at her expense.

Innoruuk corrupted the first King and Queen of Tunare's beloved Elves. He took them into his Plane of Hate and tortured them for 300 years, twisting them and slowly filling them with hate, until he finally had the beginnings of his contribution to Norrath-- a sinister race known as the "Tier'Dal", or "Dark Elves".

Title: The Prince of Hate

Allies: Rallos Zek, Cazic-Thule

Enemies: Quellios, Mithaniel Marr, Erollisi Marr

Home: Plane of Hate