Brell Serilis

The second diety to arrive on Norrath, Brell Serilis, is a clever and conniving God. Upon discovery of Norrath, Brell immediately laid claim to the underground caves. It is written that Brell opened a portal to Norrath from his plane, The Plane of the Underfoot. He released a variety of creatures into the belly of Norrath. The identity of these creatures remains unclear to this day. After Brell had left his mark, he returned to his plane and sealed the planar portal with a gate of living stone.

Sometime after, during the The First Pact of the Gods, Brell created the Dwarves and deposited them deep below Norrath's crust. Not long after the creation of the Dwarves, Brell conspired and made a second pact. The result of this pact was the birth of Brell's second known creation on Norrath, the Gnomes. Following tradition, Brell placed them deep underground to begin their existence on Norrath.

The Goblins and the Gnolls also claim to be children of Brell, but this is dismissed quickly by the Gnomes and the Dwarves as blasphemy.

Title: The Duke of Below

Allies: Fizzlethorpe Bristlebane

Enemies: Veeshan

Home: Plane of the Underfoot