Gnomish Scientist Report-Zombies Helping the Lands

The undead plaguing our lands could be a good thing? This reporter was certainly skeptical until taking a tour of the gnomish observatory in Anu Village and listening to the expert researchers at the station tell me what they have uncovered so far.

"While there is much more to it, most outside our lab wouldn't begin to understand it. So, in layman's terms, let me explain. The properties of the zombie's bodies are unlike any other undead that we have found roaming our lands to this date. Their skin, with a few modifications of course, makes the most excellent scrolls for ability crafters, which is superior to every other parchment in Norrath. Simply putting their life force near a weapon makes it grow in power beyond anything we've experienced before. And thanks to the helpful citizens of the good alignment of Norrath, we've collected enough portions of these invaders' bodies...well, I just don't think we'll ever run out."

We were stopped by a very enthusiastic clockwork constructionist on our way out named Piriam Hopsticker, and heard his plans to make use of the power...after the evil alignment has been defeated that is.

"A clockwork dragon! How incredibly stupendous would that be?!?! I cannot wait! It will be the size of fifty Ogres, and as reliable as prediction of snow in Halas. And I will name it...Zanabech. Is that a good name?"

All in all, the threat that has plagued our lands as of late now is start to look like more of a boon than a travesty. The new advances we are making are perhaps worth the little bit of inconvenience. A bit of sacrifice on our part today may just make a better Norrath tomorrow.

-The Norrathian Times News Team